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Tour Day 3: Simple Loch Delights

By Willem, Aug 6 2012 07:53PM

Everything that day 1&2 couldn’t deliver was saved up for today. I did spoil myself in a nice B&B in Aultbea which meant the sleep was great, the food was great, the room was quiet. A noticeable improvement over the hell-hole that was Ullapool’s Youth Hostel. I was almost sad leaving with the knowledge that I would be back in a hostel tonight. However, the route out of Aultbea put that thought out of mind very very quickly. I was hit with a 2km steep incline rising out of the village up to some spectacular, but midge-infested view-points. It wasn’t the last incline, and not the worst either, however it was amazing how well my body had reacted to the rest and care. I finally felt the impact of 2 days of cycling. I hope the trend continues tomorrow. I would certainly rate the cycle today as one of the best I have been on in the last 4 months of cycling. At one point it was hard to think that I was anywhere but locked between prehistoric giants; The great Beinn Eighe, on one side and Sgorr Ruadh on the other. However, despite the behemoths on either shoulder, the route was surprisingly flat and I even got to strip down to a t-shirt and shorts on the route into Torridon, courtesy of mother nature’s finest sunshine.

Photographic opportunities on the trip weren’t as forthcoming as I would have liked; something that is becoming worryingly common on this trip. I did manage to sort out all the problems with my polaroid. It seems that even the colour shots only turn out well if sheltered by the light immediately. It is such a shame that I had to miss so many colourful opportunities before figuring it out. I’m not as confident for my charity sale anymore, however there are still lots of days left on this trip and many sites I have never seen on a polaroid before.

Tomorrow I take on a 45mile cycle down to Kykeakin, otherwise known to the world as the Isle of Skype… whoops Skye.

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