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Tour Day 4: Ice Cream and Sunshine

By Willem, Aug 7 2012 08:08PM

If my legs could talk they may have said something like this..

Day 1) Hey!!! Wow dude, I didn’t realize we were still cycling, but cool I like it…. So how far you planning to go? Personal best… yeah sure. Wait.. uphill? You sure about that? You f**ker.

Day 2) Yawn!! Um, why are you waking me up at 7:30! Whoa dude!!! And you want me to go 2km uphill before 9am. Ouch. Ok, lets make this count.

Day3) Oh yeah baby, time of my life. Rocking this shit. Sure you only want to do 70km? Hey btw, you know that mosquito spray you bought? Well I’m not that keen on my new midge-bite coat, so do you mind using the stuff?

Day 4) Ah, so that’s what it feels like to do exercise for 4 days in a row. Dude, hurting, and not in the right places. Like… that doesn’t feel like muscles, more ligaments. Time to chill a bit.

On a separate note, I reached a new max speed today (doubting if it is a good or bad thing). A grand high of 64.3km/hr!!! I have to say that’s about the limit of my comfort level and I doubt I will get any higher.

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