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Tour Day 5: Sunshine, beaches and PBs

By Willem, Aug 8 2012 07:22PM

As I begin to get into the swing of things with this trip, I begin to realize why there aren’t a lot of photo-cyclers. I had originally expected that travelling slower than cars would mean that I see a lot of things that people in cars would miss, and therefore avoid all the clichéd shots that most people travelling around Scotland would have. Truth be told, so far I have managed to capture a couple of shots that most people in a car would miss, but they haven’t been inspirational. There are a couple of problems. 1) When you’re cycling uphill it’s strenuous enough to make you forget everything around you. 2) When you’re cycling downhill, the smallest bump could kill you, so you kinda have to forget about the amazing views to save your life. 3) You just simply can’t have your camera easily accessible; at least not one that is worth a bit of cash. Besides the fact my handle-bar bag is stuffed with more vital items than a dslr, it also bounces around with more energy than a kid on a bouncy-castle. 4) The golden-hours are spent sleeping; you just finished a roller-coaster ride that tested your fitness… you are thinking shower, food, sleep when you finish your ride.

So in short… urgh.

Today’s ride was an excellent one. I grant a lot of the praise to the great weather, however now that I have escaped the northern highlands, the hills are a little lower (not sure if that will continue tomorrow when head towards Glen Coe). However the route today, despite being entertaining to cycle, had limited views worth a photograph. The beaches of Morar, which I plan to return to, surprised me with their beautiful white sand and light-blue water characteristics. Equally, hitting the rolling moss-mountains around Acharale was impressive, but unlikely to inspire the picky photo critic.

So onwards to Glen Coe and Glasgow

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