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By Willem, Aug 6 2012 07:52PM

It’s amazing how the body reacts from one day to another. Day 2 didn’t quite hurt as much as day 1, but it wasn’t without its fair share of pain and daunting uphill climbs. I have nick-named the day a day of waterfalls for very obvious reasons. They were bloody everywhere! I can only think it must have been raining overnight because it seemed like every point were water could flow was flooded and certainly coming down heavy. I was hugely impressed by the waterfall at Corrieshalloch Gorge; easily the largest I’ve seen in the UK. However, the shooting locations available were pretty poor, and almost impossible to do a long exposure due to the hoards of people bouncing up and down on the tension-bridge. I did however find a beautiful waterfall that epitomised the reason I chose to cycle. It wasn’t signposted, although clearly had a viewing area available, and you would have missed it in a car. So I did what I like to do best and jumped the fence to take a great long exposure shot. I would easily rate it as my best long-exposure water shot so far. I did try to better it later in the day, however that effort was cut short by a horrific midge plague that is still causing me irritation. Avon Skin So Soft, you are being replaced by nets and Deet.

By Willem, Aug 5 2012 08:46PM

First day over. It’s hard to believe it! I’m actually cycling around Scotland.

The west coast of Scotland is not exactly a stranger to me, I have been on this side of the country on two separate occasions, but being on a bicycle really brings home how great the area really is. The first 50km of day 1 went by like a breeze. It was a relatively flat start to my ride, only interrupted by the occasional hidden sheep scaring the hell out of me and the occasional fly-fisher dotting the horizon. Although I think I may have interrupted the fishers more than vice-versa. One or two went walkabout when my camera made an appearance. I took the opportunity to visit the very much hyped, but completely unimpressive Falls of Shin. Perhaps I’m too unfair, Scotland is a country where a heavy downpour generates waterfalls like Jamaica produces sprinters, so one that exits all year long but only drops two meters is perhaps impressive in a drought. Unfortunately the excitement of my first 50km was quickly nuked by the daunting hills ahead. I had originally planned a coast route around Scotland to favour a less hilly experience, but I was quick to realize that Scotland makes the white cliffs of Dover look like a beach. Nevertheless I made it to Ullapool in exceptional time, but at the cost of exceptional fatigue.

By Willem, Aug 3 2012 08:21PM

I cannot legitimately call this day 1 simply because I spent 8hrs glued to a computer monitor, 3hrs on a train, 5km on a bike and took two photos; on my iPhone. Hardly the type of high-energy, creatively challenging, tour I had envisioned. However, as a novice cycle-tourer today has been invaluable. First and foremost… if you haven’t strapped anything to your bike using wires, masking tape, rope or glue… it’s going to fall off. I managed to drop my bicycle pump in the middle of Union Street, my pannier cover in the train station and my jacket leading up to the hostel.

Oh snap!!! Rebecca Adlington just got bronze in the 800m freestyle. That will be a huge disappointment for her and the British. Inverness however barely blinked an eyelid. It’s Friday night after all.

Lesson #2. If you strap a magnet powered light and a magnet powered odometer to the same wheel, you’ll make Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins look slow on paper. It sounds obvious, but trust me it’s not so when you’re fitting the odometer in a bouncy train with everybody watching. FAIL!!!

Tomorrow starts with a 7am train from Inverness to Invershin followed by a 44mile journey from Invershin to Ullapool cross the northern heartland of Scotland and to a place widely praised by colleagues. However one dared to share a story about how a Russian fishing boat found itself based out of Ullapool and on its own resulted in the local prostitution trade. Starting to doubt my choice of destinations…

By Willem, Jul 1 2012 12:59PM

The Solo-Travel Society. I discovered this little gem on facebook and it seems to have stuck with me. The brain child is Janice Waugh, a white-haired, solo-travel guru, who seems to have harnessed her experience to create a blog that actually contains useful information. I have a soft spot for this because I became a solo traveller about a year ago on a trip to Switzerland. I loved it so much that I have now travelled around India, Malaysia and Italy alone since (yes, all in one year!!!).

There are some great tips on how to travel solo for people with travel experience, but not alone, and equally great tips for people who haven't travelled much, or at all, but are heading on their first solo trip.

One of the things that attracted me to the facebook group is the unusual level of involvment by most members. I have expressed my opinion several times on various posts and have almost always received replies or "likes". Having that kind of interaction always makes someone want to revisit the group and continue to comment. I, like most people, value encouragement

By Willem, Jun 25 2012 01:52PM

RedBubble is neat. I originally thought that the only way for an amateur photographer to make any money from their photographs was to sell them for stock, or set up a stall in a market. However, this takes the stock-photography idea and converts it into a novelty items store. This differs from websites like because it allows people to upload their art and then profit from other people purchasing items with their designs imprinted. I ordered two items from this store, a red t-shirt with Photographer spelt phonetically, and a black t-shirt with the darth-vader teamwork guiness picture. My only complaint so far is that it's taken about 9days and they haven't arrived. According to the website they are still in the post...lets see what arrives tomorrow...

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