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By Willem, Jan 2 2013 11:07PM

The Location: The Falls of Dochart lay on the A827 near the village of Killin, West of Perth and just North of Loch Lommond and the Trossachs National Park. In all honesty it’s a very hard place to miss, but perhaps too far along the road for most people visiting Loch Lommond. It’s roughly an hour and half drive from Glasgow, but certainly not a boring drive as the roads curve in and out of some of the finest Glens and Lochs Scotland has to offer.

Photo Opportunities: Personally I have seen both mountain bikers and canoeists tackle the falls in the summer and winter respectively, so you won’t be without inspiration. It’s the kind of place you can walk around for hours to find the perfect picture and I highly recommend you do. The presence of a local parking lot and the fact the main road crosses next to the falls means that it is a prime spot for tourist photos as well. Wet seasons can bring about gushing water which will come out looking like something from Ghostbusters on a long exposure. On the other hand, drier seasons may allow for more silky long-exposures and opens up more areas to seek out the perfect photo.

Skills & Equipment: Patience; to find the right spot and deal with the never ending line of traffic and tourists. A tripod & ND Filters; long exposures are a must, and a 10stop filter might even help you remove a tourist or two if they are active enough.

Grub: No valuable insight here; the Falls of Dochart Inn is right next to the falls (no surprise there) and serves a decent dish. Cards can only be used for purchases over £10 so bring some cash if you only fancy a coffee and some home-baked goods in the Café (which is next to the bar and restaurant).

By Willem, Aug 3 2012 08:21PM

I cannot legitimately call this day 1 simply because I spent 8hrs glued to a computer monitor, 3hrs on a train, 5km on a bike and took two photos; on my iPhone. Hardly the type of high-energy, creatively challenging, tour I had envisioned. However, as a novice cycle-tourer today has been invaluable. First and foremost… if you haven’t strapped anything to your bike using wires, masking tape, rope or glue… it’s going to fall off. I managed to drop my bicycle pump in the middle of Union Street, my pannier cover in the train station and my jacket leading up to the hostel.

Oh snap!!! Rebecca Adlington just got bronze in the 800m freestyle. That will be a huge disappointment for her and the British. Inverness however barely blinked an eyelid. It’s Friday night after all.

Lesson #2. If you strap a magnet powered light and a magnet powered odometer to the same wheel, you’ll make Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins look slow on paper. It sounds obvious, but trust me it’s not so when you’re fitting the odometer in a bouncy train with everybody watching. FAIL!!!

Tomorrow starts with a 7am train from Inverness to Invershin followed by a 44mile journey from Invershin to Ullapool cross the northern heartland of Scotland and to a place widely praised by colleagues. However one dared to share a story about how a Russian fishing boat found itself based out of Ullapool and on its own resulted in the local prostitution trade. Starting to doubt my choice of destinations…

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